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The artist herself, Laura Tetrault

Laura Tetrault’s Abridged C.V:

  • Bachelors of Arts with Honours – Visual Arts: University of Windsor, 2005
  • Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters since 2014.
  • Exhibitions include Seattle, Washington, Chicago Illinois, Rockland Maine, and throughout South-western Ontario.
  • Her work is in collections worldwide, including North America, Europe and Australia.

About Laura:

Laura Tetrault (that’s me) was born in early August, to a family who home-schooled when nobody knew what that was. We were a bit nomadic as a family, and as a result I learned to be a very curious and independent thinker.

My artist training…

began with favorite pages in Berenstain Bears books (Sister Bear’s kindergarten room jumps to mind). For me, art is the best combination of curiosity, story and beauty so a picture book’s pages are a little bit of heaven.  Art and English were the highlights of my schooling and my majors in university. All that time, I wavered in between my two loves until one day, standing in a room with paint stains and charcoal dust on the floor, I realized that I could have story and paint if I combined them on a canvas.

What is Contemporary Impressionism?

Well, it is the best way to sum up my style of painting. My work focuses on momentary actions in the people’s lives. A glance is exchanged in a moment, but it can say a lot. What can a ‘snap shot’ tell you about life? The first impressionists were concerned with snap shots, before they became popular. The camera had just started to come into more popular use, so these artists started searching for painting’s place in a world where a likeness could be rendered by a machine in a matter of seconds. (Sound familiar?) Like them, I think that a painting needs to be more than a likeness, that it has to do something different than a photograph. So I focusing on capturing life through a series of barely still memories, that blur around the edges.

My paintings are imaginative people stories, full of light and color. I take my own photos, change the color, omit the details that don’t interest me, add some spontaneity and a few things that only exist in my imagination. When I get to the end, the painting tells the story of a moment. I also take time to create custom paintings with client’s memories and photos.

My palette and materials..

are chosen with great care. The paints are lightfast, artist quality acrylics, which means that they will not fade, or change color like inexpensive paint colors. I use 10 oz pre-primed cotton canvas, professionally stretched over museum depth kiln-dried bars. The kiln dried wood resists warping, and the museum depth allows the paintings to be hung in the contemporary style without a frame. My papers include 140lb watercolor paper, 100 lb mixed media papers, and hot pressed bristol, all of which are acid free and resist buckling, wrinkling and accept the acrylic paints beautifully.

{ Why Purchase From Me? }

Here’s some of the reasons my clients mentioned:

“Laura really cared about making it really special for me.”

“…Piece arrived uber quick, in perfect condition, excellent communication from artist…LOVE IT…thank you!!! :)”

“Laura was extremely patient and took a great deal of time learning about the story behind my photograph. Laura and i corresponded frequently and she was an excellent “partner” with me in this process. She listened to my story and captured the colors and the emotions brilliantly.”

“It was the best collaborative process that I could have imagined! Laura drew us sketches, showed us color schemes and then kept us engaged throughout the process to ensure that we were happy with how it was coming along. Throughout the process, Laura was very responsive to our feedback!”

“High quality art work and friendly personal service…”

I’m here to help! I am really good at adding those extra touches, asking the right questions, and being interested in you and your story. (But don’t take my word for it, check out more reviews from my happy customers https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/londonartgirl/reviews)
~ Big selection and variety of themes and colors to match your decor. And if you don’t see it, ask! Some of the best projects are the ones I work with clients on.
~ Own original artwork, move from the realm of posters and prints that you loved in college and begin your own collection.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your home should reflect that.

~ Related to the idea above, all my paintings are created with artist’s grade, superior quality materials. They are designed to last a lifetime.
~ Contemporary, colorful paintings really pop in neutral themed rooms. Draw your guests’ eyes to your amazing art and use the colors in it to tie a whole room together.
~ Satisfaction guaranteed! Buy with confidence. You can hang my paintings in your home and if you don’t love them, return them for a full refund. See the details for returns here.

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Laura Tetrault

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