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How Made to Order Art Works

So, you may be considering having your own art, specially made for you, but have no idea how to do it, or what to ask. What are you supposed to expect anyways? And how can you be sure you’ll be happy in the end?

There is a page filled with examples of made to order art that I’ve done with clients. Click here to visit the Client Work Gallery.

You can also read their reviews right over here. I love looking at reviews before I buy things.

Let me see if I can bring some light to things, and make this whole process less intimidating, starting with …

How Much Will it Cost?

I know that’s the big question, and any time I don’t see a price tag I remember what my mother told me – “If you don’t see a price tag, you can’t afford it.”  I hate that feeling.  I work in all sorts of sizes from 8 x 10 inches up to and beyond 6 feet by 6 feet (20 x 25 centimeters and  1.82 x 1.82 meters respectively, for metric fans). But let’s talk about the averages. Small paintings – 8×10 inches to 16×20 inches  (20×25 cm to 40×50 cm) are $400 USD. Medium paintings – 18×24 inches to 20×20 inches (46×61 cm to 50×50 cm) are about $550. Large paintings – 20×24 inches up to 24×36 inches (50×61 cm to 61×91 cm)  are about $600. Shipping is an extra cost determined by where you live.

To make things as easy as possible for people, I do offer payment plans. Typically, I split the payments in three – one due to start the project, the second payment at 50% of the way complete and the final payment due after you give your final approval.  But I have made other arrangements with people as well so if you have another idea, run it by me

I work in lots of different sizes, these are just some of the popular sizes. I can create a custom quote for you, including shipping once I have a better idea of the size you are thinking of and where in the world you are.

One important thing to note is that medium sized and large sized paintings are shipped unstretched. This means that the canvas is taken off the stretcher bars and that it is rolled and shipped in a mailing tube. A custom framer can easily re-stretch the canvas so that you can hang it framed or unframed. Shipping large works safely gets costly FAST and exposes the painting to damage – machines have all sorts of pointy edges and a puncture in a canvas is very difficult to repair. I have a plan for these sorts of things- which has always included adding protective layers for the painting, which increases the overall size, which increases the cost to you… Taking the painting off the bars gives it better protection and reduces the overall cost. Win-win!

Ok, Now that money is out of the way…

Time Frame: approximately 6-8 weeks.

Please pin and share with the tag line: Image © Laura Tetrault Fine Art 2015. Thank You!

Just the Beginning

Let’s break down how long made to order art takes, and what’s happening.

Phase 1 (1.5 weeks): When you decide to go ahead with the project with me I will create a purchase listing on Etsy. Or I can just as easily send you a paypal invoice, what ever you prefer. Once you’ve purchased it I will create a private online album for you that will house all your sketches, color sketches and in progress photos. You will get a choice of three composition sketches, and once you’ve chosen the one you like, I will create three mini paintings (color sketches) so that you can get an idea of how your painting will look finished. Pick your color sketch and we are on to phase 2.

Phase 2 (4 weeks): We get things going with the canvas. Your image is drawn on and the paints come out. In this stage you will get in-progress photos at 50%, 70% and 90% complete. You can ask for changes at any point and give as much or as little feedback as you like. I work with clients all the time, so if you have questions or comments or changes please ask! (Nothing offends me).

Phase 3 (1.5 – 2 weeks): Here’s where I make any final changes that you may want. You get final photos and give the approval and then I apply the UV protectant varnish. It takes 7 days to cure completely, then I package it with care and ship it to you.

There is a little bit of extra time built into the time frame – sometimes emails take a little bit of time going back and forth, people go away for the weekend, stuff comes up… you know how it goes! I try to plan some of that time in just in case.


The stuff that collectors want to know…

I use only Golden Heavy Body Artist’s Acrylics and 1 3/8 inch gallery wrap canvas with 10 0z artist quality canvas. There are no staples on the sides and I fully paint the edges so the canvas can be hung without a frame. When it is finished I apply a professional grade UVLS varnish to seal and protect your painting from UV rays and air borne particles, making it easy to clean with a soft damp cloth.

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So, I’m sold Laura! What now?

Well, that’s lovely! Click here to contact me through my website, or feel free to drop me a line through Etsy (there’s a big blue button on the left hand side that says “request custom order”) and we can talk about your ideas.

P.S. – I’m happy to talk about projects, consultations are always free.

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